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Monkton Combe: Easter Revision Courses

Has the last year left your child feeling behind with their education?

For 2021 Monkton’s Easter Revision courses will be run online and will focus on helping pupils who are studying for their GCSEs or IGCSEs. Running these courses virtually will ensure that during these uncertain times we can offer the highest quality provision no matter what the changing advice is at the time.

The courses, designed by our experienced teachers, many of whom are themselves GCSE examiners, are there to help support every student, providing valuable assistance whether they are looking to catch up and be ready to face centre based assessments, or whether they are looking to get ahead of the game and be better prepared for the challenges that A levels will bring.

Our staff will be able to offer individual guidance, support and assist with the challenges experienced by each student, focusing on those demanding topics and difficult subject material throughout this revision period.

Our programme offers the following advantages:

  • Monkton teachers are used in our courses, ensuring that the instruction is of the highest quality and relevant to the offered specifications.
  • A guarantee of small group work (maximum 6 students) with many opportunities for asking individual questions with one to one assistance.
  • At the start of each day there will be a 20 minute ‘study skills’ element to provide students with the most up to date research on revision techniques and strategies.
  • During each session there will be an opportunity to engage with a physical activity – prepared by our excellent sports staff – to help break up the day and get everyone moving.
  • There an opportunity to engage with a variety of online evening activities, some social and some providing a look at the wider life of Monkton.

Progress reports

Something that we are very pleased to be offering this year is the opportunity to provide evidence to your respective schools of the progress that you have made during this revision course. For each subject there will be an exam style assessment taking place towards the end of the week. This will be marked and an “estimated performance grade” awarded, alongside a short report and feedback for each student. By request, the report can be sent directly to your school tutor, then if the school chooses they can use this as additional evidence for any teacher assessed grades being given this year.

Study Options

Students can either study one or two subjects intensively for 2 hours a day during the morning and/or the afternoon or they can opt for the core subjects package detailed below.

Morning SessionsAfternoon sessions
English Maths (Edexcel GCSE and IGCSE)
Biology (AQA GCSE and Edexcel IGCSE)Physics (AQA GCSE and Edexcel IGCSE)
Chemistry (AQA GCSE and Edexcel IGCSE)History (*see information below)
Spanish (Edexcel IGCSE)Design (**see information below)

*History – Due to the variation in course content in History we are instead focusing our attention on the skills required for both the GCSE and A level courses. This course should be of particular interest to those thinking about studying A level History as it will provide you the best opportunity to catch up with course content and to get ahead.

**Design – Our offering for design is a little different as this year all assessments are based on coursework. For this subject instead of providing intensive revision we are instead offering an opportunity to have advice and support from subject experts on your coursework.

Core subjects package

The core subjects package will cover English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry providing two 2 hour sessions per subject with an additional 1 hour assessment being completed each day after the afternoon session.

This provides the best opportunity to make sure that you are prepared (and have evidence) for your core subjects.

Enrolment costs 2021

Individual subject – £350

Two subject choices (1 AM and 1 PM) – £700

Core subject package – £900

To register your interest, please fill out the booking form on Monkton’s website: monktoncombeschool.com