Receving in-depth information about your skin has never been so easy. Crystal Rose heads to Frontlinestyle to receive a skin analysis from Caudalie

Stepping through the doors of Frontlinestyle just off Monmouth Street, I’m excited at the prospect of having an in-depth skin analysis. For me, it’s a rare occasion to have my skin properly looked at and be given detailed information about my skin type. This bespoke treatment focuses on your skin’s needs, which is a refreshing change to other treatments out there.

As I enter the treatment room with Karen, the Caudalie skin expert, she tells me all about how the skin scanner meticulously reads your skin and allows the Caudalie expert to know exactly how to tailor the facial to you and what your skin needs in order to achieve optimum results. The scan assesses your skin based on seven different areas: hydration, elasticity, sensitivity, pores, imperfections, wrinkles and melanin. This really is some cutting edge technology.

For each assessment the scanner reveals the average score that people in your age range would usually have and your own levels are then compared against this. It was reassuring to find out that my sensitivity levels are very low; something that I was quite shocked to find out. I’ve spent most of my skincare-obsessed life thinking that I need to use products that are suitable for sensitive skin when in reality I could be using the stronger products (and spending less money on specialised items).

My elasticity, imperfection and wrinkle rates were all good – something that Karen thought may be the case. These rates usually develop as you age. I was interested to find out that wrinkles can come from pollution, diet, lack of sleep, dry skin and stress. The Vine[Active] skincare range available at Frontlinestyle seeks to stop against signs of ageing and aims to protect your skin.

My melanin level, on the other hand, was something that I was quite taken back by. Melanin impacts on your skin’s pigmentation – and not of the freckle variety. This assessment was based on the number of melanocytes that come from sun damage. My score was well above average and I shouldn’t be surprised. I know my sun protection is not the best it could be, and I should also always be using moisturisers and foundations that include SPF to keep my skin protected on a regular basis.

My pores were the next that I scored above average on. Pores are such a pain and Karen tells me that reducing these takes time and the progress is slow, but there are products such as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir that help to shrink the pore sizes.

Lastly, my hydration score indicated that my skin is in fact dehydrated – something that can come from sitting at a desk for most of the day, and with the sudden change in the seater as the season turns to winter (you can always rely on the British weather, that’s for sure). This is something that is quite common, Karen informs me that drinking copious amounts of water isn’t going to be enough. You need to ensure that your skin is receiving the care that it deserves through serums, creams and oils – such as the Beauty Elixir, a newfound favourite of mine that acts as a base before your makeup application or as a refreshing top up during your day. It also helps to tighten pores and brighten your complexion – so that’s my pores and hydration levels sorted!

Skin assessed and as Karen prepares the products appropriate for my tailored facial, I sit back and relax knowing that after this treatment, my skin is going to look brighter than ever. We decided to focus on my hydration and radiance levels during my facial. For me, the more dewy my skin looks, the happier I feel.

The treatment began with the removal of my makeup and exfoliation of the face. Exfoliation, says Karen, is vital for ensuring your skin’s luminosity. Not only does it remove dead skin and rejuvenate, it also allows for the products you apply after to sink fully into your skin. Using the Caudalie gentle buffing cream my dead skin cells are eliminated and the glycolic peel is then applied to my face. This, for me, is the star treatment. I felt as though my skin had been completely renewed and this luxurious mask was the reason why.

The mask was left on for ten minutes. While the mask was working its magic, Karen gave me a beautiful arm and hand massage which eased my muscles and relaxed my body.

Mask removed and Beauty Elixir spritzed, Karen then applied the VinoPerfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correction. This focuses on complexion and correcting dark spots. This is the product that I noticed the most difference with my skin, which felt wonderful and looked visibly brighter. The energizing and smoothing eye cream from the Caudalie Vine[Activ] range was then applied delicately and Karen finished with an application of Vinoperfect tinted moisturiser. This oil-free product evened out my skin tone and left me feeling as though no foundation or extra coverage was needed – something that I will strive to do more often.

I left feeling fresh-faced and like a new woman. With all the information I need to ensure that my skin stays healthy and at its best. Plus, my skin felt better than ever after my luxurious devine facial. You can check out the Caudalie range product at Frontlinestyle.

Frontlinestyle are taking bookings now for the Instant Beauty Facial event on the 26 March. Tickets £15.

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