Georgette McCready enjoys a rejuvenating CACI booster facial at FrontlineStyle hair salon and beauty spa in Monmouth Street, Bath

There are some things a woman just doesn’t want to face in life – like wrinkles, frown lines and, dare I say it, jowls? Of living in fear of looking in the mirror and seeing the Churchill dog staring back at you. Fortunately we needn’t suffer in silence. Science and technology have been busy working on treatments that can help stave off the ravages of time.

FrontlineStyle hair salon and beauty spa in Monmouth Street, is well equipped to help women – and men too – put a brighter, fresher looking face on the world. I was lucky enough to enjoy a CACI booster facial, a four step treatment that includes a dermabrasion deep cleanse, light therapy to boost collagen and elasticity in the skin, facial toning and deep, deep hydrating. In short a thorough cleanse, lymph drainage and CACI mechanical facial toning that tackles puffiness, high colour, fine lines and dull skin.

Jessica is my therapist, thoroughly trained and fluent in all the science bits about the different stages of the treatment. Calming and professional she talked me through what was going to happen and reassured me that the tiny pulses of electricity from the CACI system, would cause no pain.

A red and a blue light are used during the dermabrasion – a deep cleanse you could not acheive by regular cleansers. For those who need it – and years of frowning and squinting mean I have furrowed deep lines – the wrinkle comb sends wake-up pulses into key areas. Use of the award-winning Amino Lift Peptide Complex also helps to smooth out those pesky wrinkles.

Jessica tactfully didn’t mention the word ‘jowls’ but she does quite a lot of work along my jaw line and afterwards I swear she has managed to create more definition.

This simply isn’t a treatment you could replicate at home and, after a delightfully refreshing hydrating mask and facial massage with microcurrent rollers, I feel sleeker, soothed and ready to face myself in the dreaded mirror.

I do look rested and my skin tone is brighter and fresher. But, after a stylish blow dry by Ellie in the hair salon I tweet a photo of myself sans make up. A colleague I haven’t worked with for 17 years comments ‘you haven’t changed a bit’. It may not be cast iron evidence, but I’ll take that as a sign that I don’t look as weary and careworn as I did when I walked in off the street.

Caci booster facial is £50 and you can have this treatment as a one off. It is popular with brides, weddings, parties or for special occasions. A booster course of six treatments is £250. The Caci non surgical, which works on wrinkles, lines, jowls, is £59. A course of ten is recommended, with a monthly maintenance facial thereafter. A Caci non surgical course of ten is £513. A blow dry styling at FrontlineStyle is from £23.

FrontlineStyle is at Monmouth Street, Bath, tel: 01225 478478 or book online: