Tailormade Relocation reveals how it can smooth the process of moving house for everyone

“Originally, the cellar served as a coal store. Today it holds the boiler, idle suitcases, out-of-season sporting equipment, and many sealed cardboard boxes that are carefully transferred from house to house with every move in the belief that one day someone might want some baby clothes that have been kept in a box for twenty-five years.” – Bill Bryson, At Home: A Short History of Private Life

We’ve all been there. Unwilling to part with something with limited future use, but stacks of past memories. The boxes of kitchen paraphernalia. The lamps that may come back into fashion now that retro is all the rage. The life-size cuddly toy monkeys for the children that seemed such a good idea at the time. The brass dogs that used to grace grandparents’ roaring fires, but are now just too big. You never know – maybe the grandchildren will want them and not the monkeys.

Move house and it all comes home to roost. That’s the great thing about moving. A chance for a grand clear-out, a new start, a fresh approach to everything, the grandest of spring cleans – no matter what your age.

Some families have been used to frequently moving house. But for others, just the thought of moving is enough to bring on sleepless nights.

Who can help?

“Whatever your age, moving home can be one of the most stressful, time-consuming and exhausting events in your life,” according to Sara Milward-Oliver of professional move managers Tailormade Relocation. “If you’re older it can be even more traumatic. How can you view properties if you’re not as mobile as you used to be? How can you make sure you have up-to-date information on new properties if you don’t have easy access to the internet? How do you decide what to keep, what to give to family and friends and how to get rid of unwanted items?

“More important, if family and friends are unable to help, who can offer both practical and emotional support through what can turn out to be a tediously lengthy process?”

After working for several years with one of Bath’s top property firms, Sara launched Tailormade Relocation eight years ago in response to these commonly heard concerns. Client feedback has confirmed the value of that decision.

“After a life with 24 house/country moves and an amalgamation of two households, I found that we were too old to face our move without help,” commented one client. “With three daughters abroad it was daunting until we heard about Sara and Jo. Thank heaven! They organised everything from a last minute change of location to clearing us out as the new owners arrived early – they made tea, provided lunch, organised the packing and unpacked and then had a three- hour journey home. Incredible!”

“You took a great weight off our shoulders during a difficult time of helping an elderly family member find a house,” said another. “Your sensitivity and attention to detail was much appreciated.”

Do it now

More and more people are moving because their need for space reduces, or because they want to release capital, or simply because their existing home is just too much to manage. For those considering downsizing, Sara has one piece of advice – do it now rather than later.

But how can you be sure you’re setting the right price for your existing property? Or finding the right new home, with the facilities to deal with your future needs? How can you go through the whole process from start to finish, with the minimum of fuss?

“Moving house is not just about dealing with that interminable checklist of things to be done,” continues Sara’s colleague Jo Day. “It’s a real opportunity to think about who you are and what kind of new home you want to create. What will it say about you? Think about the kind of lifestyle you’re going to enjoy in your new home. Focus on what’s the essence of your life. If you’ve released capital by downsizing, can you use some of it to freshen up your home with new furnishings? With so much choice available for comfortable, stylish and affordable interiors, there’s a real opportunity to give your lifestyle a makeover that complements who are you, while giving it that extra pzazz. Above all be bold and be brave!”

Tailormade Relocation’s work embraces every aspect of the move. From helping to find the right estate agent to handle the sale of the existing property, to searching for a new property and even managing any refurbishment needed before the move – they can project manage everything.

Getting the right removal company can also be a concern: contacting a firm that will pack and move expertly, efficiently and with good humour. But how do you know who to choose? Tailormade Relocation can help identify the company that’s best for you. They can arrange the essential changes of address, organise utility suppliers and then manage moving day itself, including helping you unpack and settle in.

The message is clear. “Moving home can be a life-affirming and rejuvenating process, no matter what your age,” concludes Sara. “It just needs a little forward planning, the right kind of professional help, and a determination to enjoy the new adventure!

“If you’re beginning to think about moving, please give us a call. We’ll be pleased to meet you for an initial free chat about your plans and to see how we can help.”

If you’re thinking about moving, call Sara Milward-Oliver today for a free consultation: 01225 868692 / 07968 213510. Or email: sara@tailormaderelocation.co.uk.

Visit: tailormaderelocation.co.uk.

Main image: Tailormade Relocation’s Jo Day and Sara Milward-Oliver.