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Beechen Cliff School receives outstanding community crowdfunding support

A new crowdfunding campaign from the PTA at Beechen Cliff School in Bath raises £20,000 within weeks of being launched, donations to be used amongst several initiatives.

One of them being to continue to provide an enhanced, whole school solution focused approach, to the mental health provision for students, pupils, staff and parents/carers. “It was clear during this pandemic that funding assistance was required when 10% of the parent body got in touch with the school relating to mental health services,” explained Marina Beare, the co-Chair of the PTA. 

‘Not only are these donations an outstanding amount of generosity shown towards Beechen Cliff School, the sheer amount of supportive comments left by many,  really tell a truer story. It’s clear just how much this school is appreciated by both past and present pupils and the local community alike here in Bath. It’s been a truly heartwarming experience to watch the campaign grow. We can’t thank everyone enough for their kindness. 

Marina explained that £5,000 will be earmarked towards supporting the ongoing work within school for the mental health and wellbeing strategy for families and staff adversely affected by the pandemic. A further £5,000 will be used to buy school laptops and IT equipment. And £10,000 will be spent on amenities to provide Covid-safe lunch facilities within the new school clubhouse, a previously funded PTA initiative. This will include the provision of running water, drainage facilities and electricity. The clubhouse was used as an emergency satellite canteen during September-December 2020. This will continue until restrictions are lifted. Supporting these vital works will bring immediate benefits and longer term resourcing for the wider community, in both social and sporting terms, as a fully functioning school facility. 

Further donations received over and above the £20,000 on this campaign will be used to continue to support the ongoing mental health and wellbeing of its pupils.

Susie Ingram Sixth Form Pastoral Manager at Beechen Cliff school said. ‘As Mental Health Champion at Beechen, I am especially thrilled to see that parents are pleased with and recognise the importance we place on mental wellbeing for students, pupils and staff at the school. This has never been more important than now. Through the generosity of parents, we can continue to train staff and parents and support the pupils themselves with their mental wellbeing.’

Headmaster Andrew Davies said. ”The campaign is supporting approaches that have had a huge impact on youngsters, not only within Beechen Cliff but further afield as the successes are shared and used across other schools.  The longer term impact will be to build resilience and the capacity to create optimism, supporting parents as well as the children who directly access the support.  Within the school we have been incredibly grateful for the support of parents  and from those  in the wider community for the activity which makes such a profound difference to the lives of young people.’

Among the comments received by the PTA from the school’s community in response to the fundraising were –

“The school’s mental health support has been outstanding and is needed now more than ever. We would like other families to benefit in the same way that we have. Thank you for offering this incredibly valuable service.”

“Top job Beechen with the fantastic support you are giving to the pupils during this challenging time. Keeping us all informed every step of the way. Thank you.”

Beechen Cliff supported me in my time at the school and I am thankful to be able to offer my support for this worthy cause. Mental health is a serious issue and tackling it as a community gives us the best chance of reducing harm to children at this vital stage of their lives.’

“Thank you for your tremendous effort during the last year to keep these young people motivated. There really are some exceptional staff who have gone above and beyond. Thank you for listening to our suggestions last summer and putting in place an excellent home learning experience. Everything is very much appreciated.”

“Having the mental health services and whole school approach to helping the boys in this way is AMAZING. Many thanks”

‘I am grateful to be in a position to be able to give back and support my old school. Hopefully by working together as a community we can make a positive impact on the mental health care and the quality of education these boys receive.’

If you would like to add your support for Beechen Cliff School, please visit: app.investmycommunity.com