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Bath Society of Artists’ open exhibition

Founded in 1904, the Bath Society of Artists is well known for its annual exhibition which is open to members and non-members and held in the Victoria Art Gallery. This year the exhibition has gone digital – so you can visit their online gallery from 2 November and marvel at your leisure – there are some big treats in store

For the first time in its history of 115 consecutive shows, the Bath Society of Artists’ Open Exhibition is happening online” says Andrew Lansley, BSA Chairman. “This is the biggest annual event in the society’s calendar as well as for the Victoria Art Gallery and the city of Bath. Applicants have clearly not been deterred by this change as we have received 700 entries from over 400 artists.”

Walk on Marlborough Common, pastel by Beertje Vonk; Bath Society of Artists Drawing Prize

Works selected for the online exhibition were chosen by members of the society, guests, president David Inshaw and Jon Bennington of Victoria Art Gallery. The judges – David Simon of David Simon Contemporary and Jessica Lloyd-Smith of Modern Art Buyer – agreed “that the standard of this year’s submissions have been very high and we just wished that there had been more awards to bestow, because we had some really tough choices to make before coming up with the final list.”

Ranunculas and Lilacs from the Garden, oil painting by Haidee-Jo Summers;
Bath Society of Artists runner up prize

Nine of the 11 prizes were awarded to non-members. A total of 294 artworks have been selected for the online show and 189 are by non-members. Of the seven young artists selected from ages 18 to 25, Constance Regardsoe has not only won the BSA Young Artist prize but has also been awarded the top BSA prize. This is an incredible achievement for a young artist and the Society are looking forward to seeing more of her exciting work in future exhibitions.

Social Distance (Hearing or Listening), ceramic pieces by Philippa MacArthur; Minerva Art Supplies Prize

London-based artist, Constance Regardsoe says, “It means so much for me to have been selected as an exhibitor for the BSA Open, let alone to win two awards! I’ve always been drawn to water and I am an enthusiastic wild swimmer. I like how the experience of being in water reminds us of our smallness, and I try to express this in my paintings by examining how the water distorts and shifts the body of the swimmer. My work is also about time; I paint from photographs with a short exposure, and the brief split section that is captured is then painstakingly transferred onto canvas over many, many, hours.”

The Bath Society of Artists 115th Open Exhibition, showing online in association with the Victoria Art Gallery, is open from 2 November 2020 – 3 January 2021; bsaorg.uk