Here at The Bath Magazine we are never slow to embrace new technology, especially when it can make a real contribution to the quality control of our services.

Working with our delivery teams we have been able to make the most of smart tracking applications that can give us all the feedback we need to know our magazines are reaching readers consistently well.

Here’s a screenshot of the Larkhall area as our local distributor covers the door to door delivery of the route, accounting for just over 600 magazines. Every dot represents an automated  ‘ping’ at 15 second intervals.

The main image is a partial capture of the Bear Flat/Poets Corner round where 1,200 magazines are delivered.

Of course, we know that our distribution people do a great job every month – after all we’ve been doing the same rounds consistently well for over 15 years. But in a world when technology can consume as well as contribute to a business, it’s a small reassurance that our services are as good now as they ever were.

In brief we print 20,000 copies of The Bath Magazine each month and 15,000 are delivered door to door, with the remaining 5,000 provided for businesses as well as free pick-up points around cafés and shops in the city centre for the people that don’t get the magazine at home.

If you would like more information about our delivery, advertising in the magazine, ‘piggybacking’ our distribution to deliver your inserts, or the many ways The Bath Magazine can help benefit and promote your business then please get in touch on 01225 424499 or email us by clicking here.

Our media pack can also be viewed by clicking this link.