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Bath in lockdown
a short film

This has probably been the finest springtime in living memory, but… as we all know, there’s something else going on in the world.

With cities across the globe in lockdown, creative types – who might ordinarily be working on paid projects – have seized the opportunity to use their talents for passion projects to not only help occupy their time, but to showcase their skills, imagination and capture the zeitgeist, sharing their intimate knowledge and love of their home towns with the wider world.

This has spawned a new genre of film-making which has emerged across YouTube and Vimeo channels; Cities in Lockdown.

Using the empty streets and public spaces as a canvas, the resulting films can be sad, poignant, joyous, inspiring but above all quite beautiful, and a chance for viewers to see their home city from a new perspective.

In particular, drone footage – often not permitted over public areas – adds a spectacular new dimension, and being filmed in high resolution, the detail and effect of flying across the city is both atmospheric and dynamic. Although not so if you suffer vertigo.

However back at street level, everything is very familiar, apart from the unsettling emptiness.

On the internet channels, we have been watching plenty of great quality films from highly talented makers, not just here in Bath, but search the genre (Ghost Cities / Lockdown) on YouTube or Vimeo, and you can find many movies of silent cities.

Our effort is at the bottom of this page, but here’s a list of the very best:


By Bath film-maker Jack Fisher.
Jack is 28 years old and born and raised in Bath. He is a professional film-maker, and has worked around the world producing films for events and brands such as Google, Fanta, Sonos.

The film was compiled over many days while Jack was walking with Monty, his Golden Retriever. Lovingly filmed, including some drone footage, and ending with a collection of emotional clips – all captured in different formats by residents – sent to him as the people of Bath applauded front line workers.
He says, ” This film feels like I’ve come full circle as it was seven years ago since I made my first film, which was also of Bath. And that started my career.” 
To see more of Jack’s work, take a look at his showreel: https://vimeo.com/416148928

Also in Bath:
We love this superb fly-over of the city by Finn Barnard Weston. https://youtu.be/rgZszWGh3GU

And a selection from across the world:
NYC: https://youtu.be/Pp-o-rZ7ZFc (Drone Fanatic)
https://vimeo.com/415357787 (Hot Shots Media New York)
Chicago: https://youtu.be/Y2_fvn1oZ0s (Drone Media Chicago)

Paris: https://vimeo.com/416340967 (Jean Luc Perreard)
Budapest: https://youtu.be/W6Xm0jSK0-I (Visit Budapest)
Amsterdam: https://youtu.be/NwVuFDM26_E (Jan Hoffer)

And, we made one too.
Here is our short movie about the city falling silent during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was filmed over many mornings in April while taking exercise.

The result: a slightly melancholy film, strangely atmospheric but also beautiful.