Bath Chiro: new chiropractic couple arrives in town

When you’re in a world of pain, Bath Chiro has got your back – literally!

Bath Chiro is a new and innovative Chiropractic clinic which has opened right here in Bath. Run by a (soon to be!) husband and wife team: Alistair and Rosie. Bath Chiro’s aim is to provide a welcoming, relaxing space which is easy for clients to visit and as such they have transformed their front room into a beautiful clinic space – with easy parking right outside located in the Richmond area of Bath, on the Lansdown side of the city.

Rosie and Alistair have returned to the South-West after spending 3 years in the Scottish Borders where they have been honing their craft: how to help anyone get out of pain and get their life back. Their approach is centred around assessing and improving the movement and function of the cranium, spine and the pelvis, and all the structures associated with it.

But how does Chiropractic care work?
Chiropractic, and indeed Bath Chiro, is founded on the principle that a person’s ability to resolve pain and heal is related to the health and wellbeing of the nervous system. The nervous system is the delicate network that transmits tiny electrical signals around the body both to and from the brain. The system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves and the peripheral nerves. Although commonly associated with pain, only about 10% of the system is involved with the perception of pain, the rest is dedicated to the control and function of all the other systems.

From both a Chiropractic and Medical perspective; if the nervous system becomes impaired, for whatever reason it can disrupt the way we move and how we feel. At Bath Chiro the main focus is unwinding the tension created through the spine, which is both affected by our head and our pelvis. This is done through breath and movement along with small gentle inputs into locked up areas of the spine – this is called an adjustment.

The intention behind a Chiropractic adjustment is to use energetic inputs of movement into the spine, cranium and pelvis which can then facilitate a change in the system. The goal is to help a person get out of pain and move better.

Chiropractic has been shown to be particularly effective for: back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, migraines, easing of general tension, shoulder pain and hip pain.

With over a decade of experience between them, there is not much Rosie and Alistair haven’t seen. They can provide a comprehensive assessment and recommend an appropriate plan to help a person get back to feeling themselves. Bath Chiro takes a holistic view of health, pain and injury. By asking the right questions they work to establish not only what the health of the nervous system is (established through a series of movement, balance and postural tests) but also what could be driving the problem.

To book a consultation or if you would like to discuss a problem with Bath Chiro please visit or call 01225 592 133 to see what we can do to help.

By quoting BATHMAGAZINE you can receive a saving of 40% off of your first booking!

If you have any questions Rosie and Alistair would be very happy to talk. You can email them at