The local business community is one of the many reasons that makes Bath a unique and attractive destination. inFund is passionate about supporting small and medium size business growth and the growth of the local economy.

inFund’s aim is to provide a new and effective way to support the needs and growth of its customers through unsecured short term lending. More than ever before, there is a need to provide more effective and flexible access for finance and funding. It’s the company’s aim to be a supportive partner in the needs of a new UK economy, one that seeks global opportunity and growth.

By utilising a new approach to evaluate risk and return, inFund is better placed to provide a credit stream that is more flexible and convenient.

What makes inFund different?

Firstly, inFund is not a bank. You’ve probably heard of the new ways other people are raising money, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Crowdfunding, etc. Traditional forms of business borrowing are often slow, laborious and simply don’t work for small and new enterprise. They also have tough credit scoring that can penalise.

With inFund you get a quick decision, based on real-world, real-time information, as well as interest rates that are significantly more competitive. Interest and payments are also managed daily, reducing costs and helping you to manage your borrowing.

Meet the creators of inFund

Co-founder and CEO of inFund, Alessio Marinelli, knows how to get a project off the ground – he’s a rocket scientist on the side, after all. When he hasn’t been busy amusing himself in pursuit of an Applied PhD, he’s exercised his astute technological thinking in the Fintech sector, helping businesses launch and grow.

Alessio built his trade in and among the Big Four consultancy firms, first as a management consultant and ultimately as head of data analytics at KPMG in Hong Kong and China. Most recently, he served as the CTO of a Hong Kong-based FinTech company with additional operations in Singapore, the Philippines and the UK, where he was instrumental in the design and implementation of the technology as well as the launch of the London-based business.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Alessio kept bumping into fellow cappuccino aficionado and now co-founder and COO Max Mortimer. Max also has extensive experience supporting business growth and advising on strategy. He spent 17+ years at the top of business, first as COO and then as managing director for a nationwide, private education company delivering training for the UK government.

He went from creating just one small training venue to creating venues in 14 UK towns and cities, with 3,000+ new candidates each year and a t/o of £12m. Prior to inFund, Max was managing director of a business-to-business direct lender in the UK market, where he oversaw the business launch and go-to-market strategy – from cradle to birth.

Though busy with different careers, Alessio and Max had vowed they would one day start a business together. The decision to build inFund ignited from recognising a need for greater support to small businesses through the provision of growth lending, clear and relevant business information that would provide opportunity to grow.

Alessio Marinelli says: “With years of previous experience in raising commercial finance it was obvious to me that a new perspective was needed. The traditional approach to lending no longer serves the customer. In building a smart system, where real-time data can help unlock much-need investment and funding, we’ve designed inFund to work with all types of needs.”

Max Mortimer says: “For several years now we’ve lived with historically low interest rates. This means that the traditional lenders have struggled, but instead of being innovative they’ve just made things harder for business owners. We knew there was a better way, for all concerned, that’s why inFund was created.”

Visit: or call: 01225 300872.