Opening early this December at the Walcot Chapel Gallery in Bath, artists Daniel Blumberg, Tom Harrison, Joe Hoyt, Charlie Hughes, Sam ML and Liam Walker exhibit their drawings and works on paper.

Although stylistically diverse in their work and backgrounds, a love of drawing unites them and their practices.

Most of the artists have shown and won awards in important exhibitions including the Jerwood Drawing Prize, Scottish New Contemporaries, Royal Drawing School and Yale School of Art.

Bath born artist Tom Harrison discusses their work, leaving art school in London and the Walcot Chapel.

“Our backgrounds couldn’t be any more different and we have all been on our own unique and strange journeys to get to where we are now. I believe this comes out in the work which is very personality driven. If there is a main theme to the exhibition other than drawing then I’d say this is it.”

The artists all met whilst studying and socialising in London a few years ago. For some this was their first taste of art school and London, others were more seasoned hands.

“It was my idea to hold the exhibition at Walcot Chapel. I have strong memories of it throughout every period in my life. Experiences range from being taken there as a child, then being a teen/twenty something and getting wonderfully lost in the grounds following various nights out. For me it has always been central to my feelings and idea about Bath, particularly when I used to spend a lot of time abroad in remote places.”

“We very much hope that the pictures will speak for themselves and that the interest level will be inclusive of everyone, not just from an art perspective. The natural light inside the chapel lends itself perfectly to displaying drawings.”

Below are some brief profiles of the artists and images of their work.

Daniel Blumberg is a self-taught artist and musician from London.

Tom Harrison grew up in Bath before joining the Royal Marines at 18. In 2014 he was caught doodling on duty so decided to become an artist full time, receiving a full scholarship to attend the Royal Drawing School in London. Shortly after starting he won the 2015 Jerwood Drawing Prize. A keen interest in the urban condition of our times informs his most recent work.

Joe Hoyt is an artist from New York living in Berlin. Previously he studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Yale University. He became friends with some of the other artists in Italy last summer whilst travelling and is excited to be included.

Charlie Hughes is a trained portrait painter living and working in London. C

harlie has a singular vision of the world informed by his life experiences and time spent abroad, notably France and Italy. This continues to feed his work; conveying an unnerving, hauntingyet decorative quality.

Sam ML is a Belgian-British artist living and working in Berlin.

Liam Walker is from Bradford, West Yorkshire. He graduated with a BA Hons in Painting & Drawing from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. On graduating, Walker’s work was included in the New Contemporaries exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. Much of Walker’s work is autobiographical: narratives deal with relationships and sex, home, memory and worry. His drawn scenes flit from past to present and back again; a past the artist remembers, a past he never knew and a past imagined.

‘Just Drawing’ at the Walcot Chapel Gallery, opens Saturday 2 December until Sunday 10 December.


Open daily 10am – 6.30pm.

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