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Andrea Kelly

Healthy mind, healthy body. Unfortunately a healthy body doesn’t automatically lead to a healthy mind as many professional sports people will confirm. Andrea Kelly works in a quiet, tranquil environment and her satisfaction comes from seeing people change to the best they can be, become the person they want to be and to enjoy every aspect of their lives. There is a multitude of symptoms that hypnotherapy can help with, from dealing with sleep problems, IBS and weight management to getting to grips with exam nerves, confidence and anxiety disorders. In a series of sessions Andrea works closely together with clients to gently access the subconscious mind, banish negative thoughts and inspire a positive and healthy mind and body. She offers a free initial consultation so that you can discuss your situation and discover how solution-focused hypnotherapy might be able to help you. You can then decide if it is the right therapy for you. Her clinic is based in Bath and Andrea also offers remote sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

Tel: 07949 240190
Email: andrea@andreakellyhypnotherapy.co.uk
Web: andreakellyhypnotherapy.co.uk