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A little more me time
at Frontlinestyle

Jessica Hope says goodbye to the stresses and strains of everyday life with a bundle of top-to-toe relaxation treatments at Frontlinestyle Salon and Spa

Our working lives can get on top of all of us at times. Whether you work the nine-to-five, take on late shifts or are up with the lark, it’s very easy to slip into a monotonous routine of: get up, work, food, sleep, repeat.

We all need a bit of TLC in our lives, but we’re all guilty of not taking the time to really relax and indulge in a bit of well-deserved ‘me’ time. When we think of ways to de-stress, most people think that heading to a spa for a treatment or two is a real luxury. But, in my opinion, it’s necessary for our wellbeing. We all need get away from the stress of everyday life more often, and that is exactly what I did at a recent visit to Frontlinestyle Salon and Spa.

I booked in to have the Phytomer Marine Breeze Luxury Facial (75mins, £64) with therapist Lauren. As soon as I was taken upstairs to the quiet lounge prior to my treatment, I instantly relaxed and felt a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre outside.

Lauren started by guiding me through the different aspects of the treatment and gave me a skin consultation. Being prone to oily skin, she recommended a facial that would be good for decongestion and encourage my skin to glow.

My treatment began with a back massage. While determined to get all my knots out that I have been struggling with thanks to being hunched over a computer for most of my working day, Lauren was gentle; working on all my muscles and aching areas, and the scent of warm lavender and sea salt relaxed my joints.

Turning to the other side, Lauren added a warming mud pack to my lower back which instantly soothed my muscles and warmed me underneath the fluffy towels.

My facial kicked off with a Phytomer Rosée Visage cleansing toner. This removed any traces of oil and make up, leaving the skin feel silky smooth and replenished. Lauren then used a Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant, which is a grainless exfoliant that includes natural enzymes to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. While this product worked its magic, I received a deep shoulder, neck and scalp massage which worked all of my knots out and sent me into a state of absolute relaxation.

Phytomer is the biggest spa brand in the USA and prides itself on using ingredients directly from the sea to create its 100% natural, nourishing products. Phytomer is exclusive to elite spas in the UK and Frontlinestyle is the only spa to use these organic products in Bath.

After the exfoliant was removed with hot towels, Lauren applied a Phytomer Pure Pore Heating Mask to my face to draw out the impurities, give my pores a deep cleanse and brighten my skin.

While the mask was left for a few minutes, Lauren gave me an arm and hand massage using a Phytomer Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream which nourished my dry skin with natural marine oils.

My treatment finished with an incredibly relaxing face massage, which eased my muscles and temples, followed by a foot massage to relieve tension. Feeling utterly serene, I was left alone to wake up from my dozy state.

I took a peek in the mirror before I left the room – my skin was glowing and I looked and felt totally stress-free.

For the full top-to-toe treatment, I headed downstairs to Frontlinestyle’s salon where master stylist Alex greeted me to give me a deep conditioning hair treatment to smooth my long locks and give them a great shine.

Just as many people experience at some point in their lives, I am prone to having an itchy scalp. Alex recommended starting with a Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask which is rubbed into the scalp and combats the build-up of flakes, removes dead skin and soothes the skin.

As this treatment settled, Alex applied a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to the rest of my hair. This pre-shampoo treatment (£20) adds bounce to the hair through its intensive conditioning elements. My head is then placed under a steam pod for around 15 minutes where the heat activates the treatment, opening the follicle and allowing the elasticizer to penetrate deeper into the hair. My hair is then shampooed and conditioned with the Moisture Balancing range by Philip Kingsley which helps balance wavy and textured hair, smoothing out the kinks and making it feel super sleek and more manageable.

Frontlinestyle prides itself on using Philip Kingsley products that contain high-quality ingredients and don’t use any ‘nasties’. The trichologists behind the brand have a holistic method to hair care – all hair types are catered for and the products can be used to hydrate, moisturise and smooth the hair.

After a blowdry and styling (£33), my scalp is left feeling deeply cleansed, and my hair is looking healthier and wonderfully shiny, with just the right amount of bounce. Leaving the salon I feel carefree and completely relaxed after my treatments. And the results are noticed straight away when I meet up with my friends later that evening as they compliment me on my glowing skin and silky, styled hair.

My afternoon of ‘me’ time was certainly worth it – I would encourage anyone to take more time out for a bit of spa-related mindfulness, especially under the guidance of the talented team at Frontlinestyle.

Frontlinestyle, 4 – 5 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2AJ. To book, tel: 01225 478478; frontlinestyle.co.uk