With so much talk about owls going on in Bath at the moment, with the launch of the Minerva Owls 2018 Sculpture Trails, it’s great to hear of a school embracing these feathered friends with a literary twist. 

The Paragon School has had a new piece of fairytale magic in the form of an Owl & the Pussycat wood sculpture installed in their playground over the half-term break. Based on the trunk of cut-down tree, the sculpture features an owl, pussycat, moon, stars, candles, a large rig for a sail, as well as giant pot of honey. Installed into the curve at the base of the tree is a lovely new boat for children to sit in, enscribed with a line from the famous rhyme. Edward Lear would be impressed.

The Cupressus tree had been a much loved play place and spot of summer shade for most of its sixty years. There was sadness when the school realised the tree had died and had to be felled. Having been such a feature of the playground of The Paragon, they knew they wanted to do something special, something that would complement the other wood carvings in the grounds.

Designed by the Art teacher, Miss Hucks, it was produced by chainsaw carver, Rob Beckinsale, and financed by the PTA. It will be a special place for children to enjoy for many many years to come.

The school has a strong affinity with owls as they are lucky enough to hear them in the school woods. Naturally, they have jumped at the chance to support the Minerva Owls of Bath project and are one of the first to sign up to an owlet.

Visit: paragonschool.co.uk