Visitors can now explore Wookey Hole’s caves and its extraordinary 50,000 year history with a new caving experience that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Members of the public can now climb, abseil and scale the walls of the ancient caves and see them from a whole different perspective to standard visitors.

If you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new, then this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. And we were so intrigued by the news of this new caving experience that we just had to go and see it for ourselves…

Despite us being rather nervous about what we were about to get ourselves into, we quickly got the hang of caving, learning how to clip our safety ropes in place and move around the caves with ease, while studying the remarkable stonework as we travelled.

We even got to investigate the caves in the dark, with just the
light of a glow stick to illuminate the way ahead. The experience includes two abseils – at first this sounds rather daunting, but the feeling of satisfaction when you reach the floor of the cave is incredible.

And it’s great to be able to tick this off of your bucket list if you’ve never done it before – how often can people say they’ve abseiled down thousand year-old caves with the River Axe running below you?

Our instructors, Chris and Becca, were superb at encouraging us, putting us at ease and teaching us all about the caves throughout the experience.

Wookey Hole provides all the kit needed – you just have to wear comfortable clothes and either wellington boots or walking boots. Participants must have some upper body strength, be active and ready for a challenge – and it’s great fun once you get started.

The Wild Wookey caving experience is £49.99 per person. The minimum age is 14 and maximum group size is seven. All adventurers must be a minimum height of 153 cm (five feet) and maximum of 198 cm (six feet, six inches).

Visit: to find out more.