Georgette McCready discovers the energy efficient Everhot range of stoves that’s quietly winning converts

The British have a special affection for the enamelled stove, its steady all-day heat providing the beating, warm heart of the kitchen. It’s a cooker where the kettle’s always poised to make a brew, where cakes are evenly baked and where the family can warm their socks and their hands.

But here’s a surprise. The name of that handsome cooker may not be the traditional brand you’re used to seeing, but Everhot, a thoroughly British product invented and made in Gloucestershire. The Everhot stove was created in the 1970s by engineer Ossie Goring, who had bought Coaley Mill near Dursley and harnessed its ancient mill waters to create electricity and was, in turn, inspired to build a range that could be run on electricity.

And so the Everhot range was born and has evolved into a stylish piece of kitchen kit. It now comes in a dozen colours including black, burgundy and British racing green, although the current customer favourite is graphite grey. The Everhot runs off ordinary 13 amp plugs and doesn’t need a flue or a concrete base. The slim versions are a standard cooker size and therefore suitable for city flats or small homes, while those hankering for the farmhouse four-oven range can opt for a larger edition. In addition to the eternally hot plates (so good for tea and toast) the Everhot has an induction hot plate, ideal for gentler tasks such as making cheese sauce. There’s a full width grill in the top oven too.

It seems that Everhot fans are a devoted lot. One such is Simon Lunt, who runs Boniti interiors with his brother Giles near Dyrham. Simon bought an Everhot for his family and is happy to be an ambassador for the brand. Boniti is the sole dealer for Everhot for the Bath and Bristol area. He tells the story of a customer who was a keen baker and had asked if he could try the cooker for himself to test. Simon said: “We invited him to come up to the showroom and he happily baked away. Having been used to another brand he was amazed by the size of the ovens and the controllability of every aspect of the Everhot and the saving in running costs.” In short, another convert.

Other devotees to what is seen as an eco-friendly cool brand, include a chart topping British singer-songwriter, a celebrity chef and the host of a TV show watched by millions.

The stoves are hand built to order, with almost all the raw materials, apart from the sheet steel, made in artisan style in Gloucestershire. Being made in Britain may impress those who were disappointed when Aga was taken over two years ago by an American company. Everhot is also happy to report that it’s the most energy efficient range on the market, costing typically around £12 to £14 a week to run, with the cooker ready at any time.

You can have the ambient heat on 24/7 every day of the year – perfect for airing clothes, rearing premature lambs or simply for lolling against to warm the bottom – but there is also a touch panel behind one of the doors which allows you to put the stove in sleep mode. Ideal in a summer heatwave or if you want to shut it down while you go on holiday. And if you decide to move house, but don’t want to part with your faithful Everhot, the company will undertake to move the cooker for you. Unlike other brands the Everhot does not need specialist servicing.

Boniti has also commissioned its own range of lid pads, designed to fit the hot lid of the stove and is the only approved supplier of Everhot lid covers in the UK. The pads are made from heat resistant cotton and towelling, with magnets inside to keep them in place. These black lid covers are free on orders made at Boniti, as is delivery and installation.

The Everhot centre is at Coaley Mill, Coaley, Gloucestershire GL11 5DS.

Boniti is at Dunsdon Barn, West Littleton, SN14 8JA, just off the A46 at Dyrham, open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

To make an appointment to talk in detail about Everhot, or attend a stove and cookery demonstration, tel: 01225 892200, visit: