Georgette McCready tries the latest results-driven facial at The Orangery Laser and Beauty Clinic

There are few better endorsements for a beauty product or treatment than the beauty clinic owner numbering it among her own skin saving secrets. So when Suzannah Chamberlain, who runs the well established Orangery Laser and Beauty Clinic in Bath, told me she’s a regular user of the Hydra Jet Peel Infusion – one of the newest treatments on the market – I knew that this would be worth trying.

“Come and see for yourself,” she invited me, ushering me in to the treatment room where sat the machine like a little R2-D2. The Orangery is the only clinic in the region to have this state-of-the-art equipment. The good news is that this is a results-driven treatment and it delivers on several fronts, from thoroughly exfoliating the skin to some seriously impressive hydration and infusion of vitamins into the skin. It’s great for anyone who’s feeling that their face needs a little brightening and tightening, but without having to resort to the dreaded needle.

Suzannah puts you at ease, talking through the treatment so at no point are there any nasty surprises. We start with a deep cleanse, followed by lymphatic drainage and then exfoliation, all using a saline solution which is swept across the neck and face, using high pressure to really get deep through those layers of dirt and dead skin. It’s quite noisy, but Suzannah puts pads over my ears and the jet stream is refreshingly cool as it rushes over my face.

This is followed by an equally doll-sized suction to target areas – in my case the classic T-zone – where more impurities might lie deep within the pores. By this time my face feels incredibly clean and fresh, but there are two more stages.

The first is the application by air pressure, applying a very fine layer of diluted glycolic acid to the skin. This modern beauty classic is a favourite for smoothing the skin, minimising dark spots and tightening pores. And so to the final phase, which is choosing one of four vitamin infusions, according to your skin’s needs. Once this penetrating treatment is applied to neck and face, a moisturiser seals in the vitamins and glycolic acid solution.

It’s reassuring to know that the Hydra Peel Infusion treatment, developed by leading brand Natura Studios, is FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved in the States and that I will be ready to face the world without any reddening or blotches.

Indeed, the new me looks rejuvenated, my skin radiant for the first time in a long time. Someone asked me if I had just come back from holiday, which is always a good sign, and I swear that a couple of my stubborn frown lines are less furrowed. More good news is that this fresh faced look should last for around a week. No wonder I am smiling more readily.

To make an appointment for a Hydra Jet Peel Infusion at The Orangery Laser and Beauty Clinic in Kingsmead Square, tel: 01225 466851. Allow an hour for consultation and treatment which costs £125. Visit: